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Danny Riggs

A Brazilian singer -songwriter. Born in Rio de Janeiro, then moved to the United States at an early age and fell in love with many different styles of American music. After exploring his singer-songwriter, folk, and rock-n-roll sides under the stage name Jack Valen, he began adopting a more alternative R&B and pop style. Mixing R&B with Brazilian melodic structure, Danny Riggs is set to release his first EP “All I Want” in 2019.    https://soundcloud.com/user-72563400

Hunter Gruene

Though it's members hail from Indiana, Illinois, Oklahoma and Texas, Hunter Gruene was born right off the road they were named after, just outside of San Marcos, TX. A musical friendship evolved into a family that now creates music. Classic country with a sprinkle of classic rock, infused and intertwined with their own original creations. Hunter Gruene is set to release their debut album in 2019 https://soundcloud.com/user-72563400

Pat Thomas Collective

The Pat Thomas Collective was created in San Marcos, TX by Patrick McCurry. The band was formed in December of 2016 and has been gigging ever since. P.T.C is a pop based group with a fusion of sounds ranging from jazz,blues,funk, and hip hop.  They are currently hard at work in the studio recording their debut EP

Troy Stone

Troy Stone is a singer/songwriter based out of central Texas. Growing up listening to a variety of country and rock n roll influences from Merle Haggard to Tom Petty to Townes Van Zandt to Led Zepplin, Troy's sound is an Americana blend of folk story-telling, country soul, and rock n roll edge. 

Immij Nos

Soothing medicine in the form of liquid lyricism and hailing from the belly of the beast St. Louis, MO. Immij Nos exudes Midwestern blood and a breath of fresh air into the hiphop community. By focusing more on the positive energy, Immij has gradually mixed together the elements and influences that have molded his unique brand over the years. Representing a new breed of hip hop artists, moving away from gangsta rap and more toward backpack/intelligent/good time based music that is meant to elevate anyone's mood. Skillfully blending the flow and tempo of a bone-thugs-n-harmony with emo Drake , all while tapping into the roller coaster feelings of a kid cudi and displaying the playful ludacris-esque delivery and spewing it all with witty wordplay akin to Eminem. THAT IS IMMIJ NOS. And now you know. 


 He began his career in the late 90's as one half of the group Flipside. After a successful run he then joined Deep South Coalition as the 3rd member. Currently, JV is touring throughout Mexico and preparing for the release of his upcoming album.    

Danny Riggs

All I Want

Pat Thomas Collective

Pushing and Pulling

Hunter Gruene

Tortured Misery


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